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                       |_|    ...2017-02-23 |___/ 


It'll be Wednesday next week that I will hopefully hold the keys to the house. I'm looking forward to this, carefully, I'm excited, but also slightly scared about the prospect of having actual obligations, and to have even more to lose. I'm still not sure where to put the file server, it's too noisy for just about anywhere except its own room. Maybe I will place it in the hallway, but I'm worried about temperature fluctuations and moisture. The biggest problem is that the NZXT whisper case have absolutely horrendous airflow through the drive-cages when you've filled them all, even with the three rear fans and the large, and extra powerful intake fan. I'm seriously considering building my own external hard-drive cage, which could have proper EM shielding, space disks far enough from each-other to allow a single large slow-moving fan to cool them. There are only 9 disks, so I was thinking of putting them either in a 3x3 or 5x2 grid. More design is needed, and I don't have the fabrication skills to pull it off right now.


I'm using mine every day, and I'm very happy with it, I always use the terminal interface, so I've not touched the Java GUI for a long while.. If I were to redo the GUI, I'd definitely go with Qt, I'm sure I'll have an easier time getting it to work across platforms than I've with Java, and I'd prefer much to write C++. In other news, I've been contacted by a guy from Canada who is starting up a production of custom FinalKey boards, designed for commercially available USB dongle cases, so it might be possible in the future to buy a professionally made FinalKey! I'm excited to see how this turns out! He told me he'd send me a few boards when he got them manufactured. It's fun to see something I made become a real thing. It also means I might have a good place to direct people who wish to buy a FinalKey, because I've not had the time and motivation to produce them. One thing that I often hear when I tell people about my little "invention" (if it can even be called that), is the phrase "Hurry up and get a patent!" but I believe I've done something good in the world. Patents are only valid if there exist no "prior art" and by releasing everything as OpenSource, I've hopefully blocked any future patents. Patents destroy innovation and competition and are unhealthy to a society. We are all people, we all own our inventions, it's not about one single person getting rich, it's about society moving forward. I know I've not contributed significantly, but maybe, just maybe, what I've put into the world will somehow contribute to something else and better being invented, it's happened before that several small, seemingly insignificant, or at least, not widely applicable inventions together form the base of something great.

It's 21:33

It's early, but I've been spending a lot of the day hunting down a trailer that I can use tomorrow for getting my new tables.. :( I'm tired and confused, so I need to go offline now, read a bit and go to sleep. Oh, and since I'm born in '86, here's some terrible eurodance :) https://youtu.be/svnE-eQVtPM -OUT