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                       |_|    ...2017-04-24 |___/ 

Pipe dreams

So, I've played my LD38 entry game quite a lot, I'm finding it hard to be objective.. I enjoy it! I usually enjoy playing the stuff I make, I think it's good, but I can't shake the feeling that maybe it's because I made it.. Actually, maybe that's not entirely true.. Wizznic! I enjoyed creating more than playing, same with SDL-Ball, but with OSGG and "Bounceball" (LD38 entry) it's different, I think the controls are cool, and that they are really just enjoyable arcade action games.. So I've been thinking about evolving this thing into a proper real commercial game.. I've never done that before, I've never had the audaity to say "this is so good that you should pay for it", and I honestly don't like the idea that much.. The thing is, I actually _DO think that a game worth the gold could be made out of bounceball, and I have a sick sensation that maybe more people would try it out if it cost money.. I know that's a weird logic, but recently I've found that I'm actually more intrigued by those games that cost something, maybe it's this thought that "Hmm, someone has put so much into this that they want to get paid for it", which is of course a totally false logic, I'm sure I've put more time into Wizznic! than some of the games on the Steam store.. But that's just how it is, that's how starbucks work. And well, my ego wouldn't mind at all seeing cents rolling in from something I've made.. But will it stand the flack I risk getting? Anyway, I think I'm going to do it, I'm going to try to sell it on itch.. Maybe a minimum price of 1.5 USD, it seems like a lot, but it's only because the game is going to be so god damned great! As reminder to myself (and because nobody reads this anyway, and I'm not that paranoid about getting my "precious" ideas "stolen" even if you are) I'll put the list of features that "SuperBounceBall" (SBB) needs to have: * A proper title screen * Progression, start with 1 enemy ball, spawns will be indicated T-3 * Indication, change something about the background as score rises/time goes * Brake (radically dampen velocity, to get near walls, etc) (alt key) * Boost powerup (3 uses) (Shift key) * Slow down NME for 10 seconds * Repel powerup (ctrl to use) * Shell powerup (ctrl to use) "clones" you, a "friendly" who can take 2 hits * Permakill (impact to use), eliminates an nme * Stunshield - Like shield, but stuns NME, works for 3 times, becomes shld * Evil nme - Slightly smaller and slower than normal NME, but seeks you * Friendly nme - Slightly smaller and slower than normal, seeks Evil * Online highscore * Total determinism (always same state at start of game) * Action replay / Upload / Download * Be smaller powerup * Invert all NME velocity powerup (ctrl to use) * Points do something, spawns powerups at % something which increases with time * If you get 1337 points, upgrade to 313373 points * Limited energy, must collect energy from environment to live