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Comment on stupid article "10 prejudices about IT people"

Some website called "it-jobbank" wrote an article about 10 so-called prejudices about people who work in IT. The article lists 10 things that are more or less still totally true about computer people, sure, not about everyone who work in IT, but, for the most part, I think the 80s geek stereotype holds true, and it's in a good way too. Stereotypes emerge for a reason, and they're not always bad. So here's the list: 0. They're night creatures Yes, maybe, actually, it takes time for some of us to get in the zone, and once there we don't want to leave. 1. They're stimulant addicts Caffeine, I used to drink 2 liters of cola every day, switched to 2 liters of coffee, works much better. 2. They like to check in late Yes, because I've been up most of the night.. It's physically painful to leave bed before 7:30, and still quite uncomfortable at 8:00. 3. They're ubergeeks We like to know stuff. 4. They don't like apple products Kind of, that's not universally true, but I do not encounter many who are fans. It's a matter of principle. I think in the end, openness is what made the IBM compatibles win. 5. They're long haired, donning washed out statement t-shirts I used to be, but I'm too lazy to wash it. T-Shirts are the only comfortable clothing. 6. They're loners/asocial Maybe sometimes, it's just that the stuff I want to do takes a lot of time, and people usually tire me, but I enjoy hanging out with bright people. 7. Brain over heart Because logic, how is that not a good thing? 8. They're gamers and know a lot of acronyms Yes. Damn, when I was a small kid I went around memorizing more acronyms than I can even remember, but bet you that if I've heard it before, I know it. 9. They like Star Wars (s/Wars/Trek/g), heavy metal and puzzles Because they're awesome, esp. Star Trek and heavy metal.


The article failed to mention how it changed, and, for "the true people", I do not think it has, it's just that there's a lot more wage-slaves and "normals" around computers than there used to be back when they required some thought to operate, weren't those the days! Best Regards - OUT