Old Software

I like old computers, I'm prone to nostalgia, and after the challenge of getting old hardware working, one is faced with the challenge of getting software for the system. Even recent systems like Windows XP are losing support of important programs and utillities, so for my own convenience and out of a desire to be independent, I'm hosting some of those tools here.


Firefox 1.0.14 MiBWeb BrowserWin 95/98
Firefox MiBWeb BrowserWin XP
Mosaic 3.03 MiBWeb & Gopher BrowserWin 95/98/2000/XP
Daemon Tools 3471 MiBISO MounterWin 98
WinCDEmu 4.01 MiBISO MounterWin XP
7 Zip 9.20 Beta1.1 MiBZip/Rar/More ExtractorWin 95

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