To write a blog entry on the last day of the year, I know. But it was not my intention to do so. I've wanted to do this for a while. 2016 was a pretty good year for me. I've been enjoying my job, but I work with very smart people and that sometimes gets to me, I am not sure if I suffer from a bad case of dunning-krueger, or the imposter syndrome, maybe both. But there are days when I get stuff done, and manage to leave with a feeling of success, and those are the days that makes it worth it.

Besides from work, I've been saving money, so now I have enough to buy my first

house, so I won't be the 30 year old guy living in his moms attic anymore. People often find it hard to understand why I still live at home, but the explanation is simple; I've not had any good reason not to. I've never felt any crushing desire to "stand on my own", I enjoy doing the things I do, and living at home has allowed me more time to do so, so, why not?

But anyway, papers are signed, so if lawyer tells me everything is great, then

I'll be a home-owner, so I will have to acquire some new skills. Unfortunately house maintenance cannot be done with shell-scripts (though I'll be sure to somehow include those as well! I alredy have plans for setting up a network of sensors to monitor temperature, moisture and light in all rooms and in the attic, just.. There could be interesting visualisations made from that).

Other things are happening about which I am excited, but this is my blog, and I

will not include in it the life-events of those around me, as I feel that would be a compromise of their privacy.

I hope that 2017 will bring more coding, both in my work, where I've found that

I am often quick to pick up sysadmin and build-system related tasks, which I do think has helped everybody be more productive and contributed positively to the project as a whole. However, I feel like I'm falling behind the code-base a bit and it is not always that I'm up to date on what's happening everywhere, which is something I feel like I need to be in order to be most productive and for coming up with the most elegant solution. I don't like to just pour out code, I want to write exactly what the system needs to to from what it is to what it should be, and nothing more. I'm much a minimalist in that regard, and I need to be careful in balancing between elegant and efficient and convoluted mess.

Enough about work

I really hope to be able to find the energy to do new stuff on my own time, creating is very important to me. I consume a lot, and I really feel like there need to be a balance between consuming and creating. I also hope that I can have a better year of mountainbiking than this one, where I barely touched the bike. So, this was a lot about nothing, I hope the world will be a better place the last day of 2017. That we will not let ourselves be choked in acceptance of lunatics in the name of free speech and political correctness. I hope that 2017 will be a year where rational, logical reasoning and science will be more used than they have been this 2016, the year of anti-vaxxers, vegans, trump, SJWs and a newfound pride in blatant ignorance. - DusteD signing off, happy new year, and may we be saved from each other....