Drained, because work

I worked pretty hard today, and it got a bit late, but I finished up what I set out to do, and I think I did it the right way too, so I'm looking forward to sharing it, though I know there will be comments, and that it is not the greatest thing in the universe that I made, but it's better than what we had before, and it's a start, something allow us to gain more experience.


It's still fun! Though, I've written everything for 80 column, I now learn that some clients are incompatible with that.. I should have known, my C64 for example. Well, I don't know how this formats on a C64, I guess I will find out some time. I'm thinking about adding a feature to my gopher server, it still does not have a name.. It's just called server.js.. I should come up with a name preferrably something related to animals and teeth.. The feature I want to add, is the possibility of serving hand-crafted goher menus if they exist in a dir. Maybe if a file called menu.gopher exist, then that should be used instead of the auto-generated index. I added another feature yesterday evening, a tagwall, it's kind of a hack, because it's using the search feature of gopher, which was not meant for this, afaik. It's very simple, and only checks that the string being sent is not already written (to avoid unintentional spam by clients that resend the search string when going through history). A more robust version would also do ip-based limiting, but I doubt it will see much abuse, and if it does, I'll just shut it down. I've found the gopher protocol being so simple, that I believe I can do a better job of writing a protocol library than the one I'm using, which is basically just a crippeled raw socket.

Other retro thoughts

I am thinking about making a BBS portal into my webspace, it's all text anyway. It'd be cool to be able to support connection via telnet, and maybe even dialup, though I'm not sure how I can support that? The telephone line in my home is actually a ip->pots bridge, and my router has an ip telephony client, and a rj11 plug, but I wonder if any data transfer can survive the compression. It is something to try. A telnet portal could also have chat and be a lot more interactive. I don't know which codeset I should support though.. Maybe there is some lowest common denominator.. I'd like to support both PC and Commodore64 at least.


I need some hours of downtime now. I got Stardew Valley working well with a program called keystick and my Logitech Rumblepad 2, but I forgot to save the layout, so I will recreate it and go play a bit now. First though, I will make a custom skin for it so the program becomes easier to setup. _______________________________________________ \ \ \ \ \ \_________________.---> Out