Music and melancholia

Why is it that the first part of my life, when I was not paying attention, it seemed like the world was building up for something amazing all around me, and now when I've reached some kind of consciousness, all I see is it all decaying and falling apart? Stayed up too long and got melancholic.

Relaxing sunday

Watched Groundhog day today, it was a nice, positive and funny movie. There's not that much more to say today. I played some days in Stardew Valley the other day, and it was a nice waste of time. I found out that KeySticks is not freeware, so I removed it, and installed Joy2Key | and it is free and actually a much nicer program than KeySticks. I will use it to play Stardew Valley tonight. I miss my home computer though.


I didn't play, somehow never got around to it, seemed like effort. I watched this video though. _____ | ..........:... / | :; \___|_________.----;: / ___________/ / \ / \ * O \ U \ T \ ! *