It is awesome, and fixes the resolution trouble I had with incoming. I don't know how it will perform on WINE though.


The client is almost finished, it's actually not too bad an experience to use to browse gopher, I conider adding paging then it would even be okay. Cool to see people writing on my tagwall, there's a suggesion to make a map, and it is something I think I want to avoid, I like the idea that there is as little metadata as possible. Instead of maintaining both data and metadata, I prefer to just maintain the data. I did think about creating my own data format for my website, some JSON structure for describing documents and their metadata, but I feel that it's not really what I want either, there'd be too much maintenance with the actual software used to create and present them. I'm pretty happy with just directories with files in them, it's also how I keep stuff on my computer so it seems very natural to me. Again, best regards to everyone! I will maybe release the gopher-client during the weekend.

It's the middle of the night, I ended up publishing the gopher-client on npm

and github anyways, found a few bugs in the gopher-lib and fixed them too. I'm really tired. I'll go to bed soon, gotta be resh for work tomorrow.