It's been a while since I've listened to Infected Mushroom, I've been listening much more to music in the Epic Trance genre for a while, not that IM is not epic, but it's in a different subgenre. But I put on a playlist today and I was surprised at how well Saeed hit me, the guitar riffs and lyrics fit so well, it's dark and gritty, and still really crisp and tight.. I've listened to so much IM in my life, and I still think that their old stuff is generally better.


I wrote to support and they are awesome! They returned with the fix to my problem, I think I mentioned it yesterday, but I forgot to give credit where due. The problem was the Incoming would run at screen-native resolution, and show the game in a tiny box in the middle of the screen. The dgVoodoo hack amends this, I've not gotten it to run at screen-native resolution, but it does now change the display to the game-native 640x480 resolution, very playable. The gog support also told me the command-line switch to get the resolution selection dialog on screen, basically, add -screenmode, and you're prompted. The game works fine in 1024x768@32bit and that's very nice indeed!

Intel drivers suck

Intel can make chips, but they are not good with softare, just look at how 90's (in a bad way) their driver software and installers look. My driver for example, does not allow me to select any resolution below 1024x768, it does not allow me to run a higher virtul resoltion than my display. There is an option called "Screen scaling " which can not be disabled or enabled, the vsync option has only "Application" and "Driver", but there's no way of making the driver force it on or off, so I don't even know what that means, this is the case with many options, you can choose "Application" or "Driver", without any way of actually setting what the driver should decide. They have great support for making "pofiles" as if that was important. I tend to confgure stuff to work as I need, when I need, I wouldn't be able to remember what my profile settings did without looking everything through anyways, it's a useless waste of time feature, and that time could hae been better spent on implementing actual functionality.