Enter The Void

I watched that movie today with a friend, it was pretty good, difficult to folllow, but pretty good still! It was longer than I expected, around 1:30 longer, so it got a bit later than I anticipated, especially considering that I need to get up and go to work tomorrow.

Hotline Miami 2 Stream

I finished Hotline Miami a while back, and it was really great. I don't think the visuals are as good in the second game.. I liked how the scene was in constant rotation and the colors were always morphing in the first game, but apparently someone got seasick from that and they removed it. I just checked the options, and there is no way to enable those effects, too bad! But still, the game great and there's a bit more "story" in it as well, it's pretty messed up, which I appreciate, and very violent (which I also appreciate). There were a few viewers on my stream, but I forgot to look at the chat so they left :P Now, time for bed before work! ________________ \____________________________ \____________________________ \____