Yesterday I lost a file, but I only found out today, basically, I has the code mounted into a docker ( -v /localpath:/dockerpath ) container that is setup with all the dev tools I need. But I edit the files in VSC in /localpath. Yesterday, VSC complained that a file that was open was not found.. I wrote it off, thinking that it didn't matter since surely the file was still in the fs, and VSC must have dropped the ball somehow. But today I discovered that the file was indeed long gone, so long gone that grepping through the disk didn't come up with it (I searched for a variable name I knew I had used only in that file). So it had been overwritten.. It was a few hours of work. Then this afternoon, I committed code, from within the docker container, with git, and all was good. Then I did git commit -a --amend (I know -a was not needed here, but shouldn't have hurt anything, since there were no changes), to add a TODO to the commit message so I knew what to start with tomorrow.. Well, it basically went into a merge conflict with a previous version of that file!! This happened right after a successful commit! There's no way git could have been in a weird state. VSC was open and reflected the change instantly, not leaving me any option to "use the editors version" of those files.. They had been changed on disk.. I don't know what's going on, but I suspect that VSC on the local path, and docker do not play well together. Tomorrow I will copy the (marked) files out, and try to do git rebase --abort, I fear that I will be left with the prevous change, and not what I committed just before it went south.

On my way home

I thought about spending the evening migrating those last two services to my new server, but I don't have the energy, I'm drained, and annoyed at having my files chewed up at work. So I will boost my ego a bit by answering some stack overflow questions, and then I'll waste some time streaming Hotline Miami 2.

Hotline Miami 2

This game is really good, but it's much more buggy than the first game, and the visuals are not as nice.. The store and levels also feel a bit forced, I especially do not care for the levels where you are forced to used certain weapons and can not pick up what drops. But well, it's still really good! I think I will go offline a bit earlier today and read "We". - OUT