Out of the way

I finally took the time to sit down and focus on porting one of the two last services from the old server to the new. It was a PHP5 site that I was commissioned to write back in 2009, it's been in production since, and I've not touched it. This was actually the application that got me the money that I used to build my first high-capacity file-server. So, this application is still being used and the organization is happy about it and continue to pay for me to run it. So finally, today, I took a look, and.. I was positively surprised at how well past-me had put the thing together.. Except for relying on default behavior to a degree that I would not anymore, only the mysql stuff had to be reworked. It's up and running on in a docker container now and I'm very happy about the whole process of moving it. I really hope the new server hardware (and software!) will serve me as exceptionally well as the old did.


I downloaded all my inventory from GOG.com, I like to keep stuff on disk, I don't like to rely on services being online (and compatible) forever, like I kind of do with Steam. It took about half an hour to click through everything, and when I was done I was surprised, I'd downloaded 20 Gigabytes.. That's the entire capacity of one of my first "big" computers.. Time flies.. I played a bit of "World Rally Fever" which is a pretty bad DOS game, maybe it was not so bad, but it ran very badly in dosbox, so I need to give it a second chance and tweak the config. I tried getting "Soulbringer" to work in WINE, but without luck.. The only way to get something on screen was with software rendering, and while I wouldn't mind the graphics, there seemed to be a problem with the buffer flipping, so every other frame was black, making for a very epilepsy inducing experience (I don't get that, but I did get a mild headache).

Hotline Miami 2

I am stuck in the map where you start at the base of the building and have to play through with each character, I got the level floor where I have to use the no-weapons guy, but something glitched and the pause-menu appeared, it did that a few times, and one time I hit the rewind button on accident, and then quit. Maybe tomorrow I will stream it again.

Weirdness on the Internet

I was browsing gopher://cloudb.zapto.org/ there is a list of gophersites that he is scanning by brute-force (as far as I understand, just running through the ip ranges..) and I found a gopherhole serving my site at I At first, I didn't believe it, and then things got stranger.. I fired up wireshark and confirmed that packets are indeed coming from that IP.. Then I hit it with my browser, and got an nginx 404 screen, identical to my own.. I hit it with wget, adding dusted.dk to the header, observed my nginx log and.. There was a request from this IP, then the HTML was send back to me. So.. Somehow, I've got a fan out there, who's bouncing my website AND Gopher. Then I tried with SSH... and got the same fingerprint as my own server... I know the next I did was a bit foolish, but since the service running there is not important, I decided to connect to it with my public key, and I was logged into my own machine. What the fuck is going on..................... Is it a glitch? A routing loop?! Why is this machine relaying IP traffic to me. Is it an attempt at some kind of attack? As I write this, I go to IRC, and am reminded that packet reflection is a thing.. That makes quite a lot of sence, since this gopher-site I visited is doing a scan, and found itself. So when I visited, I also found myself. Shining holes in the Internet. A little bit of mystery left in the world, how exciting! I sent a mail to cloudb to tell :)

I had nothing to say

Yet, I spent the better part of an hour writing this (and investigating that weird online anomaly). Nobody reads this :) But I've found something in writing it. Even when i don't know how to start. Maybe it is as they say Plaintext is beautiful. Or maybe something else, something akin to meditation, a guided reflection and introspection that I would otherwise have missed somewhat. :-)