It's 06:09

Beautiful time. Watched movies, hung out with friends. Played games. So far, pretty good weekend! I'm going to watch the rest of "American Honey" before going to bed. It's refreshing to see a movie in 4:3 format, I like that format a lot. I'm still speculating that 16:9 was made to save film, you'd need longer rolls to have same fidelity in 4:3, more glorious surface area, more visuals! But most of the world disagree, so it's nice to see someone who agree.

Gopher server

I refactored the code a bit, split it into files. Wrote a bit on the server class, it can stream large files now, and it ends text-transfers with a dot as per RFC. It does not prepend dots where a line starts with a dot because I'm too tired right now to think clearly enough to do that in a non-stupid way. I've also not started on the directory scanner, but that should be trivial.

It's 23:08

I slept well, until 12. I wrote the server-class, I'm fairly satisfied with it so far. Most likely it needs a lot of tweaking, but the example-server I wrote worked fine.