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Why not write something

First of all: Write off the instigating premise for the following to the eccentricity of myself and my friend. Today I was jokingly told to pull myself together and, (in the case of failure to comply, or success to do so, I don't know; maybe either case) write a 200 word essay on the subject. Like any proper narcissist I enjoy writing, and reading, my own drivel. So I decided to humor myself (and who knows, maybe him) and do just that. 200 words is a bit less than I usually need to treat any subject, concise articulation has never been a talent of mine, but here goes nothing (truly).

Pull yourself together

What motivates us to pull ourselves together must surely differ widely between people. The idea that economic incentive is the primary instigator of work activity has long been disproved for non-mundane tasks. The idea of fear as a primary instigator of work-activity might have stand up better, most are, after all, driven by a desire for self-preservation. However, for myself, what fear I may have for the future has less to do with my personal income, and more to do with psychopaths with access to nuclear weapons, religious fanatics, and antipathy of the pursuit of knowledge. For myself, I do not think that I am driven by economic incentive, nor by fear to any significant degree, except, maybe, the fear of failing. Another way of putting this, would be to say that I am driven by the desire to succeed, the desire to achieve perfection, to improve endlessly. So what does it mean to pull yourself together? It can be understood on several scales. In the long run, it might mean to achieve personal satisfaction, order and stability in life. In the short run, it might mean to bring emotions under control, become able to focus and work well. Who knows?

Improved my write script

Now adds a header with the date, and checks if anything has been written in the file, if not, it removes the file again.

Looking for keyboard

I'm growing tired of my SteelSeries 6Gv2, now, it's generally a well made board, but I feel that the keys are a bit too hard.. I'd like something a bit smoother, maybe try some red cherries.. Now, the problem is that, the only keyboards I've found have had weirdness, like the SteelSeries Apex M500, looks promising, it seems like the only way to turn off the light, there's no online manual, and you have to register and sign-in to their website to ask, so there's no way to find out if the light can be turned off. The source-code for the software that seems to run only on Windows or Mac (they write PC, but show a Windows logo) is nowhere to be found, so I can't be sure that it can be turned off. Then there is the Corsair boards, and while they seem nice, there is some weird pattern on the space-bar, I don't want some weird bumps on my keys, except for the home-keys, where the bumps are usually not large enough.. I actually took those two caps from my Filco Majestouch when it died, and I use them on my SteelSeries now, because the bumps (I am annoyed that I've forgotten their name) are much nicer. They may be called "fijs" but I'm not entirely sure.. I just asked on Twitter. Anyway, maybe I really need to build my own, but I don't hope so! I just want a really high quality keyboard with good debouncing, very light and consistent mechanical keys, nordic layout, no extra buttons, no light, no weird texture, no bullshit, no wrist rest, no strange shapes. Pretty much like the 6Gv2 with a fixed layout, other switches and better firmware. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- --------- OUT