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                       |_|    ...2017-02-01 |___/ 

Writing stuff

Got some work done, but I'd have like to get more done, maybe tomorrow! Started thinking about porting the dusted.dk website to plaintext, got caught up in small details.. I'd like statically register all routes so that it becomes quite impossible for the server to serve a file that was not intentionally registered. However, doing so is a pain because the index needs to be refreshed, and that can be done either manually, at an interval or dynamic, but doing it dynamic requires watching the whole tree for changes, which I feel is overkill and wrong. So anyway, I stopped and started thinking about writing just a server for the phlog. I'd base it on express and just write the middle-ware for serving up all .txt files as html with a nice theme. I'd also do other stuff like making links out of URLs and inserting images are referenced. I'd like to do that in a way that is totally meaningful to someone reading the raw text, and still be verbose enough that I'd be able to deliberately decide when writing the text, if the link should be inserted as an IMG tag or as a A tag. I'll continue thinking about that..

Tropico 5

I've played it for 2 hours, it is good! I got game-over the first time, that forced me to rethink how to play it, and I got a much better start the next time around. I also need to finish Hotline Miami 2, maybe this weekend.


I'm a fan, and this Friday there will be a marathon, not sure what to expect from that, but I'm looking forward to it.

There's not that much to say, I'm watching Jonathan Blows stream where he ports

the animation system from the witness in c++ to his own languyage "jai". I'm looking forward to the JAI compiler coming out, I really hope he will put it out and not ruin the future of the language by some weird license or clsedness, even Microsoft is starting to understand that closed-source is dead.