_     _             
                        _ __ | |__ | | ___   __ _ 
                       | '_ \| '_ \| |/ _ \ / _` |
                       | |_) | | | | | (_) | (_| |
                       | .__/|_| |_|_|\___/ \__, |
                       |_|    ...2017-02-09 |___/ 


Spent the evening geeking it :) Have automated production of level1/2 science packs, so I can now research stuff more easily. I'm using the multiplayer server that I setup yesterday. Tomorrow I will post on reddit and invite people to join and see how that goes, might be that a lot of trolls will come, but whatever. I've noticed that this game is seriously unhealthy for my sleep, I'm finding it difficult to put down again. There's a strange sense of achievement to be found in this particular digital world. But I must, for it is now 2017-02-10.

NGE Manga

Stil reading it, it's great! I hope the last volumes will come out in the 3 in 1 format which has large great-looking drawings.. It's fun to see how much I can remember from the anime, it's quite a lot, so much actually that I fill in a lot of blanks, making me wonder if the manga is really telling as much of the story as the anime, I don't think it is, but then again, it's probably unresonable to expect it to, as it is more or less the work of a single guy. But it's so well drawn and the English translation is very good. I have to stop myself from just turning pages and spend a bit of time to appreciate the artwork. - out


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