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It's 00:57

Played Factorio the whole day, this game is a real time-sink! We're having a lot of fun on the multiplayer server. There's something intriguing about setting up a small system that works, to discover how it can scale and how it can't. We were joined by a very knowledgeable player who setup robotics for us, and we're still not sure how half the stuff works. It'll be fun to figure out that myself. I should definitely try to do something else for tomorrow.

NGE manga

Almost through the second 3in1 book, it's really great! That's about it for now.

It's 12:34 - My twist on "The post factual society"

What a nice time to write more. I'd just mention my twist on the "post factual society", as far as I've understood, that is the idea that society has moved beyond facts, to something else, and while I agree with that observation, I think a more entertaining interpretation of it would be that of "a society that seeks out the facts after they've made a decision". For example, the British interest in the EU surged only _after_ they'd decided to cancel membership. That is post-fact, the facts are sought out after the decision has been made. The US starts reading Orwells 1984 and starts worrying about the dangers of nationalism _after_ deciding to put Trump in charge (and I speculate that a few are also now starting to seek out the facts about Trump), again, facts post decision. That's what a post-factual society does, seek out facts post decision. The Danes voted a right-wing nationalist party with several members already convicted for racism, but they've not yet messed up so royally as to seek out facts, there's a more extreme party on the horizon, and it might be only with this new level of intolerant nationalist ignorance, and only after they've taken the decision to lead them to power, that they'll start seeking the facts. That, I think, is when also the Danes will become a pots-factual society.

Job offers

Software developers are living in a time of privilege, one that certainly won't last, as education and new technologies catch up. But for now, right now, being even a mediocre programmer like myself equals great opportunities in advancing ones career. This is of course a luxury problem, but being regularly head-hunted comes with the price of being constantly reminded to evaluate and examine ones current situation. It begs many questions, about ones past choices, ones current situation, ones plans for the future and not least, ones confidence in what one can do. I'm satisfied with what I do now, and it is my impression that I'm doing an acceptable job. But will that change? Would switching to work for one of the giants mean an advance in career for me, or the sudden end as I discover that I'm not good enough to handle the job? I'm not about to find out, because I am indeed satisfied with what I'm currently doing, and I'm starting a life here, but the nagging thought of what could and will be is always looming in the back.


I'll do it! But not today -_- I've decided that since the task involves not only moving the contigrator software, but also configuring an image that can build all of the weird stuff I want it to, this is a two-stage rocket, and I'll start by writing a compatible program in node, and then I will make the image. A lot of stuff is required, toolchains for Windows, PSP, Wiz, and Linux 32 bit, libraries for Qt, SDL1/2, OpenGL for all of those platforms, I think the task of finding and adding toolchains and libs is larger than rewriting the software.

Until the weekend heals us

I remember browsing fazed.net on a regular basis, it was a sort of news site, featuring mostly obscure or amazing things found elsewhere on the net. It was in the days before social media had really broken through, WWW users communicated via forums on topic specific sites (more or less) and most of us were connected to one or more IRC servers where we would lurk on multiple channel topics. I am still connected to Quakenet, Freenod and lately, Twitch via IRC, it's superior to any other form of text-based communications protocol in every way, and I'm left wondering why not everyone is using it. Fazed closed down a long time ago. Thanks for the good years Fazed, you are fondly remembered this Sunday, as I let the weekend heal me, though it is, indeed, too short a weekend, only just enough that the sweet taste of freedom and renewed energy betrayingly enters our minds.

Declassified jokes

There's an interesting PDF file release on WWW, apparently CIA had a document of anti-Soviet jokes written down, and they declassified and published it. I'd seeing the old Soviet counterpart, if they exist (I'm sure they at least did). The jokes can be found here: https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/CIA-RDP89G00720R000800040003-6.pdf