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                       |_|    ...2017-02-22 |___/ 

Tomb Raider (2013)

Played this a few hours, connected the controller and TV and sat in the chair, it's not as easy as with a mouse and keyboard, but it looks better on the big screen, so, maybe I will play it like that again.. I came to a big tower where there were another silly puzzle, adjust the radio, had nothing to do with player skill at all.. Except, player debug skill, because it was also glitched, and rotating the left stick only moved the playermodel, but it didn't actually register on the dial!! Again I wasted around half an hour before giving up and searching online.. Once again I found that it was an actual glitch, and not just me sucking at the game.. The workaround: Solve the puzzle with the keyboard instead of the game-pad......................................................... This is the second time I'm stuck, and the second time I decide that the game is broken and I search online, and it's the second time I find out I'm right....... I'd like it if, the next time I'm stuck, it'll be because a puzzle is tricky, or an enemy is difficult (truly difficult, not jumpscare-press-five-random-buttons difficult). So far, I've enjoyed the experience, but never knowing when the game is broken or when I'm just stuck is taking away from it in a major way.. I will hate it so much if I'm stuck some time in the future, decide that the game must be broken (again) and search for it, and find out that in that case, it was not broken.. Not because I'd feel stupid, but because I'd have been robbed of the chance to find the solution myself..............................................


There's a decent amount of websites dedicated to the development of the web, but its a small fraction of the total amount of websites. Most websites are about other stuff.. Now, I've maybe not yet broken through into the real gopherspace, but it appears as if the majority of gopherholes are either about gopher, or about preservation of early computing culture/history. These are very valuable, but to experience a medium, it is important not to turn it into a museum. To experience gopher, as it lives right now in 2017, one has to be able to actually do interesting stuff on it, more than reading about history and reading texts written so many years ago. I'm a computer-history enthusiast, so I love that old stuff, but even so, that's not an authentic experience of using gopher in 2017, it's merely an authentic experience of visiting a museum. I'll try and keep this in mind and work toward making my own gopherhole be more interesting, also for content that has nothing to do with history and gopher. Greetings goes out to everyone who runs a gopherhole, no matter the content! :)

The Jetsons

I'll watch an episode and go to bed. But I didn't.. I crawled around gopher, it's late now, too late, I should go to bed right now, but I won't because I will continue my travels. I'm reading the excellent journal at gopher://sdf.org:70/0/users/rbigelo/journal.txt ........... I don't know anything about text, or writing, or style, but I love the way this has been written, they are statements, not like what I do, I can't write like that, but I wish I could. They are so direct, so clean, even the most crazy ones and that's great. " No questions asked. No judgment passed. I'll hold myself still. I'll stand chill " Go visit :) It got me thinking though, if I will ever be able to create that which I admire. .............OUT