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                       |_|    ...2017-03-04 |___/ 


It's not what it used to be, and thanks for that, in most regards. However, in one regard, it's very objectively sad, and that is the level of competence that customers are faced with. Unfortunately, my fiber provider has chosen to switch the Internet provider for their customers, me being on of those.. I received a letter claiming that my WiFi network name and password would be changed to something they wrote in the letter.. This pisses me off to no end. This is like the electricity company breaking down your door to switch some of your light bulbs to whichever random color they prefer. It got me thinking, that I've got the decarmation point at my end, there will be a DTE in my end, where their control stops and mine begins. So I called them to inquire about this. Nobody was able to tell me where the decarmation point was. I was basically told that it was "the fiber box"... Now.. At my end, I've got a fiber to ethernet converter, which may have additional (and unknown to me) magic on board, and it terminates in a RJ-45 connector, ethernet cable into a router. Even in this setup, after explaining this to them, they can not tell me where their responsibility ends and mine begins. I don't want them to mess with my routing, I don't want them to do _ANYTHING_ but to acknowledge my device, route packets to it and forward packets for it. NOTHING else. I don't care, they can give me DHCP service for it if they want to, but it must end there. I have my own router, and nobody but my very self fucks with my gear. Get in the game. -OUT