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                       |_|    ...2017-03-30 |___/ 

Back to the geekery (almost)

So I've been absent, because we took over the house, and there is a lot of things that needs to be done before moving in. My girlfriend was here the past month and we spent the time very efficiently on preparing the house, though I must admit that she is much more skilled at such stuff than I am. I'm mostly good for coming up with silly and unrealistic ideas and lifting heavy things :) It's been a learning experience for me, kind of an emotional roller-coaster. Looking at those many tonnes of bricks, this large structure, realizing that it is my sole responsibility to keep it maintained and functional make my heart skip a beat. On some days, a good beat, launching a day-dream of the different possibilities, and on some days, a bad beat, launching a day-mare of all the things that are worn down, time eating away, entropy seeping through matter and breaking down what I own. All in all though, it's been a positive experience, we've gotten so much done. I'm growing with the challenges presented to me, and I'm very happy that the woman I love is such a huge and central part of making that space our home, without her, it'd only ever be a space. ..... ..... ,ad8PPPP88b, ,d88PPPP8ba, d8P" "Y8b, ,d8P" "Y8b dP' "8a8" `Yd 8( " )8 I8 8I Yb, ,dP "8a, ,a8" "8a, ,a8" "Yba adP" `Y8a a8P' `88, ,88' "8b d8" "8b d8" `888' "


So, Stofa is never going to become a good ISP, and unfortunately, I won't be able to chose another ISP, I'm locked to that ISP, even if I'm willing to pay a lot of gold to get another fiber, there aren't any! So well, I will have to accept my fate, as a third-rate citizen on the Internet. My right to privacy and to send emails torn away (not even a relay they provide!). For now, at least, I'm able to host my websites and other services, but I don't know for how much longer that will be possible.. I need to consider the fact that I will have to at some point, spend money having my stuff hosted by someone else. Feels bad. On a lighter note, I ordered some networking gear. There are many options when it comes to networking, and while I've ordered a Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite and Unifi AP-AC Lite, I'm not yet sure if I will use the ERL or my server box for routing. One good reason for using the server is that I'm already configuring DNS on it, and it is sure to have a lot more horse-power for routing. On a security note, there might be something to gain from the rather simple solution of only routing required ports down to the server. Another reason for using the ERL is that it's made for just that, so configuring it should be rather simple. I'm planning on isolating the WLAN from the LAN more or less completely, maybe routing the IP port for the printer, for certain hosts, so that printing can be done from WiFi devices. - OUT