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                       |_|    ...2017-03-31 |___/ 


I was looking around for cheap webcams, for low-priority surveillance, and one thing that annoyed me a lot, is that most of those very cheap webcams have not a single test-picture on the Internet, not from a reliable source at least. So I decided that I'll be that weird guy who buys a bunch and does some test-shots. So.. I bought... 19 visually-different webcams.. I expect that most, if not all of them contain the same hardware.. 19 is maybe enough that I'll be able to get 2 or 3 generations of the hardware.. Time will tell.. I'm planning to do some test-shots in different conditions, and make a table showing pictures from each of them, so that there is at least one online resource showing what these cams can (or can not) do...

My very first gist

https://gist.github.com/DusteDdk (suboset.js) Wrote a short node script to re-time/offset srt files. Thing is, I had a movie that was in 4 parts (no worries, it's public domain), and I couldn't find any subtitles for it in 4 parts, but I found a single srt file, so I had to cut it up into separate files.. Then the IDs and time-stamps were off... So after a quick look around for a utility to painlessly subtract "some time" from all entries in an srt file, I decided it'd be easier to just write one. So I did, it was easy and it works, for the files I needed to cut anyway...


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