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I can send them again, thanks to an acquaintance who works at my ISP, he was the one able to sneak my support request past level-1 support and onto someone who actually knows how to use a computer.. Poof, my reverse-dns is now correct and the SMTP server at my ISP happily relays emails for me.. Thanks!


I bought "Badland" because it was on sale and looked pretty in the pictures.. Hopefully I will also find some time to play it at some point... Update: I played it! It's pretty neat indeed! Though it wouldn't launch right out of the box, but I found the solution on steamcommunity.com. User "Sasuke" writes this txt:
Solved for Manjaro/Arch Install this - libcurl-compat - lib32-libcurl-compat Then put this in launch command options of the game: LD_PRELOAD=libcurl.so.3 %command%

Works for me!

Thanks! :)


Thought about radio signals today.. They're all around us, electromagnetic radiation on frequencies we can not perceive, there are so much we do not experience, so much we know exist but can not sense.. Vibrations below and above certain thresholds.. The world is so much richer than we understand, than we are able to understand. I thought about it, how our behavior would seem to a being able to perceive a much higher range of the spectra, would we come across as crude and impolite? Making devices which spew infantile noises all around at violent amplitudes? Are there any analogies ? Looking at the amount of raw energy our ancestors spend to heat a piece of meat maybe? Maybe comparing the die of the first integrated circuits to a state-of-the-art die from today? One thing that I believe to be at least almost always present when comparing crude and more refined (anythings) is the difference in efficiency, in elegance. Seeing how much more material goes into making the crude item. How much more energy is wasted by the crude method. How much more effort the crude approach takes. It's a scale thing maybe.. It's the limitation on resource (be it matter, time or energy) which makes the difference between crude and refined.