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                       |_|    ...2017-04-16 |___/ 

... and stuff
Played a bit of Elastomania today, I've been having some trouble getting the
laptop to connect to the wifi in the apartment, not sure what's going on, but it
seems like removing my USB disk helped, weird and worrying.. One of the things I
always appreciate about being away from Denmark is the change in selection in
supermarkets, Denmark likely has the narrowest selection of goods of all the
developed nations, due to the mafia-like constellations of conglomerates which
provide +90% of all supermarkets in the country. It basically means that every
store has more or less the exact same stuff, sometimes even the exact same stuff
branded for each store.. Anyway, one of the things that are a rare and expensive
luxury in Denmark, is Dr. Pepper, which I like a lot because it's awesome. So,
I'm enjoying a glass of that sugary stuff now :)

It's 22:54

Tomorrow is the first day of work after a week long holiday (+2 weekends!) so I've been out of the loop for a while and will need to catch up, I've refrained from checking my email, so I've no idea what's waiting for me, hopefully I can catch up quickly and get productive, I wanna write some code, dude!


I've read a few of the stories, they're really good! Larry Niven is (also) a master of the short-story, I've been introduced to the bezerker machines in "A Teardrop Falls", an interesting concept which reminds me in no small way of the Borg of StarTrek. I was reminded that fantasy done right is also excellent stuff in both "The Lion In His Attic" and in "Talisman".

Always when I consume

I want to create, when I read a book I want to write a story, when I hear a song I want to learn to play and sing, when I play a game I want to program my own, when I watch a movie I want to instruct. I'm no good at any of those things, of course, and I'm not applying myself in any of those fields either. I've been thinking about it, I have maybe one or two chapters of a book laying around on machine-typed A4s in my room in Denmark, maybe I could retype them in this blog, and in that way, slowly publish something.. Maybe it'd provide the motivation to write more.. Scenes usually appear in my head at random moments, and maybe if I knew where to pour them out, I could do it more often. The challenge is, of course, that they might arrive out of order, and I'm not sure if reading a bunch of related but incoherent stories would provide any entertainment. Maybe I should tag them somehow, then I could write a script to extract them from the phlog pages later.. It might be a fun experiment.. Thing is, I've never published anything under my own name before, and I'm not sure if I feel up to it, it might be limiting to know that what I write will be directly attached to my name. Well, it's not like there is a lot of people writing this anyway, so why not.. I think I'll do it! Later ;)

Poetry as well?

Surely so I should, had words, those fleeting bastards, ever been at my service.

It's 22:19

I should go to bed but I don't feel like it, there's more to have from this day, feeling a slight tinge of inspiration that I can't explain, maybe it comes from having had a long enough period of relaxation and sleep, I feel like I've been waking up more each day that I've been left to my own devices. A good brain is an idle brain indeed. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | | | | | | | | | | | What? | My blog, can do whatever I please, so I did that.. | Won't get anything else done today, I'll browse the gophersphere a bit before bed|, maybe someone else out there is crazy enough to put something new up there :) | All the best to everyone. | | +-->OUT