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                        _ __ | |__ | | ___   __ _ 
                       | '_ \| '_ \| |/ _ \ / _` |
                       | |_) | | | | | (_) | (_| |
                       | .__/|_| |_|_|\___/ \__, |
                       |_|    ...2017-04-17 |___/ 

It's 09:46

Today is not a workday, but I didn't find out for a while, I had a feeling in the back of my mind that today was not a workday, but I had forgotten why that was.. I thought that maybe it was a false memory of me taking an extra day off on a Monday (I know for sure I've done that, during the summer vacation, but not now). Anyways, it means I got up early and have the day ahead of me to waste, so that is just what I'll do! :)

It's 21:18

Found interesting YouTube channels: Cody'sLab and ThisDoesNotCompute. Had a quick hack at go, seems reasonable enough, even on windows. I'm trying to get it up and running with SDL2 as I want to try and write a game with it, but I'm somewhat haunted by the feeling that maybe C is still the way to go for me. One thing that really bugs me about C is the lack of proper enum support, and go is no better. I want to be able to declare something like: enum myEnum { a,b,c} and then have have methods like void myFunc(myEnum enu) { if(enu==myEnum.a) {....} } But I can't have that and it annoys me.

It's 23:26

Should go to bed, been watching Cody'sLab videos and I also managed to get a window on screen with the SDL2 bindings for Golang, might do something odd with it at some point, it was a bit painful to get up and running as I also needed to instll MinGW (which is AWESOME) and git (awesome too) and SDL2 (awesome thrice). But getting it all working with paths and stuff on Windows10 was not as easy as it would have been on Linux, but, I do insist on being able to write my code cross-platform and cross-compilable (reminds me, I need to investigate the possiblity of compiling golang for Windows on Linux). Investigaged, a wild link appears, it's possible and seems well-supported. I wonder how painfull it will REALLY prove to be, when one throws in the third party stuff (SDL2)...... http://stackoverflow.com/questions/20829155/ It's work tomorrow, I'm going to read a bit and then off to bed! - OUT