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Stop the press!

The user commentary on slashdot is providing useful information! Specifically, about sci-fi movies: https://entertainment.slashdot.org/story/17/04/17/1355251/

It's 19:05 - Windows is still horrible

I'm off work, looking a bit at game development. It's rather cumbersome to get an environment configured under Windows, terrible is a better word.. Basically, what one needs to write platform independent games are: * C or C++ compiler (MinGW is a good choice as it can also be used from Linux) * SDL2 (About the only choice these days) * GLEW * OpenGL There are other options, but if you want to write something that will work on Linux, OSX, Windows and be portable to the other systems without too much pain, then this is your stack. Unfortunately it's not trivial to get up and running. It seems the only way to get going is to basically install something that smells a lot like a unix subsystem. There are several available ones, msys2 looks like the way to go, for now, but I've not yet tried to set it up, I'm going to do it now, though, I must say I'm not crazy about it not working on Windows XP, I'd prefer something that'd work on older computers too, preferrably from Win98. So it's now 19:01 and I got an example working, and the produced executable can run outside of the msys2 environment as well, as long as one ships the needed dll files with it, so I guess all is good.