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                        _ __ | |__ | | ___   __ _ 
                       | '_ \| '_ \| |/ _ \ / _` |
                       | |_) | | | | | (_) | (_| |
                       | .__/|_| |_|_|\___/ \__, |
                       |_|    ...2017-04-28 |___/ 

Sickday, generally feeling retarded

I don't like taking sickdays, and I feel I'm doing so too often, unfortunately, working as a software developer, I need to make rather heavy use of what little cogintive fitness I may have. A heavy headache however, inhibts me quite much.. And so it is, that today I'm off work, writing here instead, in a dark room, because light makes my head pulsate. I had a nose-bleed this night, hopefully that's not related, I'm not plagued by those often, it's first in many years. Yesterday I sat on IRC, talking with someone about flattening a directory, and I wrote a really crude and wrong oneliner, everything was wrong with it, I saw that clearly when it was pointed out to me, but I managed to write it, test it and send it, and it took someone else to show me how fragile it was. It's what I'd call beginners mistakes, and I've started doing them more often.. I don't know why.. It's like I'm becoming retarded.. I know I used to be pretty good at general computing stuff, and an adequate programmer, but some time during the last few weeks, it's like it's all draining away.. I don't know what it is, but it's annoying as hell, it feels like I need to hit the reset button and do a new boot..

Internet troubles

So, I've been working from home, and my router started acting up. I took that as an excuse to acquire a Raspberry Pi 3 (I have the two previous models too). It's quite a capable little router for the 50/50 mbit I'm currently on, andd it was surprisingly easy to get up and running. I wouldn't want it as my primary router, but for this apartment it's very fine for hosting an access-point, a print-server and a single wired connection (I'm using it with an additional USB ethernet dongle, so that I can have two LANs and a WAN). I'm looking forward to trying my Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite when I get Internet installed in the house where I'm moving.. That will be all for today, because, as mentioned previously, my head hurts.... - OUT