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                       |_|    ...2017-04-30 |___/ 


I'm in the airport only, a stop between Tallinn and Aalborg, it's a pretty busy airport, but still manages to be kind of charming and reasonably comfortable, also if you don't stay in the lounge. It IS truly an astonishing experience how bad people are at flying in general.. Somehow I can't stop being surprised. But that is a rant I've already made, though, this time I did see two new behaviours worth mentioning: The first was the guy in security who tried to bring two large bottles of soap in his carry-on. While I do not agree with policy on their immense fear of liquids (or creams, if expensive), I do find it surprising that people haven't learned this by now, there are signs about it everywhere you go!

In Time & Django

I watched these during the weekend with my girlfriend. In time was a lot better than the title suggests, it's a science fiction movie built on the premise that scarcity econmy and dealing with over-population have found symbiosis in a world where time is literally money, so you pay with life-time, and you earn time as well. It's something new, and it was excuted pretty well too! 6.5/10. Then there was Django, which I heard about a long time ago, and didn't think it'd be much good, oh boy was I wrong! While we agreed to disagree on how good this movie was, I absolutely loved it! Maybe a slight bit too long, but there's magic about the way Tarantino manages to orchestrate violence, grit and cliche in perfect harmony. Surely Django was not a deep movie, surely the story is not a big mystery (he's awesome, he'll win), but I think it was well told, and had some good twists nevertheless. I'm going to give it 8/10, no, 8.5/10 because of the motherfucking cool shot of smilling Django, burning ruins reflected in his awesome round shades at the very end of the movie.


It used to be almost nobody had a voice, now everyone has a megaphone, and it seems like neveryone is using it. Maybe we are destined to drown in a sea of screams. It used to be that almost nobody had a voice, so when they spoke, the rest listened. Their voice bore signifigance. Now everyone has a megaphone and they are screaming "Look at me! See me! I exist! I live! I have worth!" and noone has time to think deeply, for "Likes" are the social currency and deep things take time, both to say and to hear. I don'tthink I'm going anywhere with this, for I am one of the screaming voices, though, maybe I'm screaming in a different megaphone, maybe not even that. Still, it numbs the mind to try to phantom the immense amount of information we produce every day, and to grasp how eternally shallow and meaningless it is. Is this another example of ever-increasing entropy? Is this data-thermo-dynamics ? Are we moving past the sweet-spot of volume/signifigance density? Maybe we're only just started. Concecpts, buzzwordy as they are, such as big-data, they grow from this drastic increase of data volume. The signifigance is no longer primarily in what is said, but how many said it, where and when. It is no longer about understanding the message, but about finding the pattern. It is no longer about an individual or their ideas, but about the collective mind of a group. What used to be full frame images are now blips on a multidimensional radar screen, and the blips are becoming denser, they are static snow, like that on a tv-screen those of us old enough to remember know them. Looking around society, it looks as if we've become hyper-developed, but behind it all are mostly the same instincts that made us survive until now. Survive, proccreate, kill competition, help offspring succeed. I'm going nowhere with this, so stop reading. :) Who am I kidding, people are not reading websites anymore. People consume streams of pre-digested, target-group specific entertainment sludge. It happens that I examine the logs of my servers, I'm interested, it's data, I like data. It's a guilty pleasure, though, I'm not sure on the pleasure part. Still. Most of my visitors are robots, and I wonder if they understad to proccess anything I put out here into entertainment sludge. I wonder if they really are liking me into the web. This kind of thing I'm doing here, I don't know how rare it is, I some times stumble upon another personal website, and I most often make the effort to look around, and often, I am rewarded with things that I wouldn't ever have thought I found interesting. Things that I may in fact wouldn't find interesting except for the interest in whomever put it up there. Paragraphs are a foreign concept to me. They delimit things, they put things into boxes, and I'm no good at that, either I will end up having a deep nest of boxes inside boxes until there's only one item in each, or I will have one box with all things in it, which gives the same result so why bother. Anyway, I'm out of things to write, neat.

Got home alive!

A bunch of stuff was waiting for me, exciting! A PlayStation2, works! Great! The controller needs a loving hand, the buttons are a bit weird and sometimes are inputting the wrong data.. Hopefully I can fix it, otherwise, I'll need to get a new one.. Oh well, I'm just happy to finally own a PS2 :) I also got about 10 webcams, one of them not working at all (will try and repair), and one of them exhibiting a very interesting visual artifact that looks almost like a circuit. Other than that the webcams are very unremarkable, they seem to be the exact same electronics all of them, that's a bit sad, but oh well... The picture they make is surprisingly good, so I'm not complaining. :) I'll waste the rest of the evening now.. :) - OUT