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                       |_|    ...2017-05-24 |___/ 

I wonder

When the day will come, that the mindless hordes stream through the villages, torch and pitchfork in hand, to eradicate any remaining sense from the world. It's happened before, but we can't remember it, it was past, it were stupider people, we know better! Except, we do in fact not, and we're not smarter either.

I link Pope Francis

Pretty sure he's by some definition an atheist, I base this on the fact that he has said many pretty decent things, so, he is at odds with his books, which is a great thing in every way, and as long as I continue being insignificant and/or ignored, he can continue his good deed, so that's something that's right with the world at least.


Forgot to log hours, ate too much cake, drank too much coffee. Didn't contribute as much as I would have liked to.


So, people are slightly uneasy about the possibility of the concert being a target, well, I don't know.. I guess so, but I'm going anyway, if I'm to be blown up then why not tomorrow? If I'm blown up, well, that would be sad, because I've got no backup server, I've got no good plan for keeping this online post-mortem. I wonder if the Ethereum project could be used for ensuring that a service gets to survive after its creator dies, with nobody to enforce an agreement.. It might be interesting to look into.. Maybe a person could deposit an amount, and a contract be drawn, where the contract is self enforcing, it could verify that the service is available, and only pay out each month it is true.. Maybe the contract could automatically adapt to a new service-provider in case the original one goes under.. Maybe people could even donate money into the chain, in such a way that, as long as there is any demand, the service will live forever, driven purely by capitalism (quoth the liberal-socialist). Anyway, the concert will be awesome! Looking forward to watching Rammstein live, it will be almost as big as Slipknot (to me, Slipknot is the ultimate, and even with bad sound, it was the best concert I've ever been to). It's one of the biggest bands for me, so, I'm excited!

Random poetry (what classifies as poetry anyway?)

Ellipsis of confusion twists into infinities of dark red fire flowing around themselves forever, never releasing any one final thought. Pending from the ceiling of comprehension is an undistinguished singularity from which everything you will ever know stems.


I think I'll stream a bit of Katamari before going to bed.. Because I can! :D

Totally side-tracked..

I saw this fun video, and wanted to write about it, but I feel it belong in THIS entry, even though I've crossed to the 25th.. Because.. I'm still awake, this is a session.. Arrgh.. So I ended up hacking a bit on my phlog-write script, so now it can go back in time! :D (See write.sh in this directory if you're on gopher).

Funny thing I found on youtube!

VWestlife put up a fun video today, it's from 1995 and called: "VideoProfessor: Learn to use the Internet" It's pretty fun to see, and it got me thinking, maybe we should start a meta- provider, an Internet gateway, oldskool, for everything from C64 to Windows 95 machines.. Some of these machines are actually quite usable, except for the lack of compatibility with the Internet of 2017.... Well, a gateway could do interesting stuff, like provide compatible mail exchange (maybe even securely), it could pre-render websites or strip them into plain HTML, it could even do real-time transcoding of youtube videos into compatible formats.. And more importantly, we could start building websites for these machines, make "ye olde webbe", a WorldWideWeb tied together like back in the day, but running only on our retro-gateway, we could have our own DNS and stuff too, with no need to respenct existing sites.. Could even make compatibility gateways of popular ones like Facebook and Google. Anyways, back to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1tr5LjhfqQ -------------------- \ \ -------------\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ --\ ----------------- / / -------------------------- ... PS. The lawnmower is awesome! It cuts grass, and it didn't slow down even though it had grown rather long.............................................. , , , , , - OUT . , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,