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I'm perplexed as to why we in Denmark enjoy talking so much about the problems we face with immigration, instead of the cause of those problems. It's easy to simply say that immigration itself is the problem, and simplified, it might be. The primary trouble we have with immigration is that assimilation into society fails for too many newcomers. I think some Danes are very quick to put entirely the immigrants at fault, without considering what we could have done to cause the results we want. It is a childish idea, that anyone coming here should be so super happy to finally arrive to the best country in the world, that they should be grateful no matter how they are treated, because, in the end, if they don't like it here, can are free and most welcome to leave. I think that is an oversimplification, and either way, it is unproductive to the cause of creating the kind of assimilation we would find acceptable (another, more sinister reason assimilation fail, is that some people think it impossible or undesirable to assimilate immigrants into society, they just want them out). If, instead of spending tremendous resource and public time discussing how to avoid people entering the country, maybe it'd be more productive to discuss how to turn them into Danes. This is where I might trigger the more politically correct, but, to some degree, one of the prerogatives of sovereignty is being able to dictate what the nation finds acceptable, to define framing for which values are to be encouraged, which are tolerated and which are not tolerated. It's a very difficult discussion to propose, but, for the most part, I think putting every effort into making sure newcomers are educated on the culture and the values that we wish to have in this country, if we can decide what those be.

On a lighter note.

I don't think I've written any fiction on my phlog yet.. It's been a long time since I suggested that I'd do that. I have a pretty large singularity themed story in my head, but it's not yet well-formed. Fragments are written down, and I should re-read those notes. Today I got a new idea, which I'm hunting for as I'm typing this. It fits well into the theme and universe, something I thought about while reading about reversible computing and preservation of energy while doing computation. It's really interesting stuff, even if you're an imbecile like me. The wording in the article made an impression. For a computation to take place, a change of state must happen. In a conventional computer, this causes destructive erasure of the previous state, meaning that the energy spent to cause that previous state is effectively lost. The same article mentioned that the theoretical minimum of energy spent on a state change in a perfect conventional component was around 17 eV (super small amount), effectively, maybe about 500 eV could be achieved, currently we're about 5000. Still, it implies that there are very real limits to conventional computing. This is important... Okay, this is turning into a rant, I won't find the idea for my story, but I enjoy this ranting so I'll just continue.. Anyway, it's important because out current assumption is that computing will have a minimum cost of energy which is in the last instance, the limited resource that is supposed to prevent certain security to be broken. Let's assume we could scale a computer infinitely, the energy would still put a limit on how much we can process, thus, how fast we could find a certain solution. However, this does not hold true with reversible computers where the actual computation would not require any energy after the initial state was set. In practice, physical constraints may cause such a computer to lose energy, but on an entirely different scale. Anyway, what made an impression on me, was the idea, that in a conventional computer, in order to cause a state, the previous state, the previous order, is destroyed, it is converted into entry in the form of heat radiated into the environment, into the physical computer itself. What a violent thing that is when put like that. Interesting stuff indeed.

Back to the story

Totally forgot about it, annoying, it was something about split universes, something about the same house, ah, something about sharing a space by entering different dimensions or incarnations of that space, it'd be kind of neat, being able to have the whole universe to yourself and then when you wanted to meet up with someone else, join the same universe, not very original, that's actually the basic premise Rick and Morty... And instanced multiplayer.. yea, fuck me. out