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                       |_|    ...2017-10-24 |___/ 

Long time since I wrote anything

There's been lots of thoughts to write something, but I've not found the time and the motivation to actually do it.. It's 23:11, and I've work tomorrow, so it also won't be tonight. Been reading "The Best of Cordwainer Smith", almost through it, it's a nice book.

Silly things

Heard them talk in the radio, commenting on a book that was called "Hvad skal vi svare?" lit. "What shall we answer?", the question that begs an answer is imagined to be from the kids of current generation, and it goes like this: "Why did you destroy our planet?". To me, the answer was so obvious it seemed silly to me to even ask the question. The answer is so simple, and it is short, and allows every further question to be answered as well. The answer, to the question of why we destroyed the planet is this: "Because we couldn't agree."

That's all there is to it, and to most questions actually.

It makes sense no to ask "Why couldn'y you agree?", so, end of discussion.

Stupid politicians

Heard the "Spokeswoman for public health", May-Britt Kattrup tell today that the average Dane is a net negative of 2 million DKK throughout their life. She said this on "Radio 247" after 8:00.. She told that people who were smoking cigarettes were only a net negative of 1.6 million DKK and that obese people were a net negative of 1.8 million DKK. I don't disagree with using numbers like that, I just doubt their validity. First of all, if the country had a net negative result of 2 m. per citizen (on average), we'd be bankrupt.. So, well, I'll just stop there and assume she's full of shi. Good night. - OUT