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                       |_|    ...2017-10-28 |___/ 

One by off

Short story long, I was invited, by one brilliant guy to come and have a beer with another brilliant guy (considered by many a legend surey). I would have said yes, was it not that I would be one a plane away from the scene just one day earlier. I've considered extending the journey by another day so that this could happen. However, I'm not a brilliant guy, I don't know either very well, and while I respect both immensely, I'm not sure if it would even be fitting for me to take up such an invitation. I'm not a huge fan, I don't have any insights worth sharing, and, I'd not be certain why I'd go, would it be nothing but for the chance to have a beer together with two people who are considered legends in their field? I like to think that I'd actually want to meet the guy, but, he'd just be a guy, he's surely somebodys hero, but, while I respect him, he's not mine. I'm not sure if one should meet their heroes in the first place, and only less sure if one should meet the heroes of others.. Again, had my plane been one day later, I'd not have declined, because it'd no matter what, be a rare opportunity, but having to consider extenting my stay made me question my own intentions, made me think about things a bit more deeply than if I'd not have to change my own plans to make it happen. Truth is, that I'll never know my own true intention, I'll never know if I only convince myself, that since this is a rare opportunity, and since it is indeed someone who is considered legend, those may be factors influencing me to rationalize why I have good reason to go. I'm overthinking things. It's actually just that I was invited by someone I know, to go and have a beer with someone he knows. Again, I decicded never to touch alcohol again, one month and one day ago. Still drinking coffee though, that might be acceptable.. I should stop overthinking things.