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                       | .__/|_| |_|_|\___/ \__, |
                       |_|    ...2017-12-11 |___/ 

FinalKey and awesome people

My half-abandoned hobby project the encrypted hardware password manager the FinalKey, has gotten some loving attention from a guy on "The Internet" who took my schematics and gave them a workover, then produced and populated a PCB that fit inside a commercial injection-molded case. It looks professional and he was so good as to send me one to try out.. So, today I flashed it and it worked! Though, at a reduced speed, I suspected that the chip was not using the external clock, so I fiddled around with the fuse bits a bit, a bit too carelessly and proceeded to brick the device.. Sort of bricked, I can still fix the fuse bits, but I need to find my AVRISP-MK2, as I belive it is capable of the so-called "high-voltage" programming required to write fusebits on the MCU even when its got clok trouble. But, the conclusion was that the firmware works with the hardware and that's awesome! I'll soon update http://finalkey.net with the PCBs, and maybe I can get a few boards produced in China, that would be fun..

The Expanse

Continues to be a really good sci-fi, watched another episode tonight with a friend.