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                       | |_) | | | | | (_) | (_| |
                       | .__/|_| |_|_|\___/ \__, |
                       |_|    ...2017-12-30 |___/ 

I'm streaming Unreal

I got the game back in the olden days, ran it about 25 fps (maybe even less) on my Pentium 100 Mhz (16 MiB RAM, 812 MiB HDD, Voodoo 1, Windows 95). Back then, Duke 3D, Quake 1,2, Carmageddon 1,2 and that style of games were much more for me. I never got much further than "outside the spaceship" in Unreal, and only really played a bit against bots in multiplayer.. It was just way too cerebral for me at the time, and I seemed to pick up on that even before I met the first enemy! Fast-forward to the very end of 2017, I bought the Gold edition on GOG. And, I'm playing it, with a Glide wrapper, it looks beautiful and wow.. It's a really solid game! It's beautiful, it is hard as hell, it's wonderful! I've been getting between 1 and 5 viewers fairly consistently, mostly it seems to be oscillating between 1 and 2, mostly 1, with a drop sometimes to 0. Now, if you were trying to "make it" or "become" "a streamer" those numbers would maybe be pretty disheartening, but that's not what I'm doing. For me, the reason I'm streaming when I play games, is because I enjoy hanging out with people while playing games.. Think about a group of friends sitting around a TV and sharing a gaming experience, chatting a bit and just having a good time. That's what I attempt to recreate, it's what it does for me, and what I look for when streaming and when I (seldom) watch a stream. So, imagine spending a whole day just gaming with 5 dudes in your couch, sounds like an awesome day to me! It has indeed been in that regard.

DiggieDog: A Gopher Client for Android

This is the BEST gopher client for Android. It could use a few features, but it is super ultra fast, so check that out! - OUT