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                       |_|    ...2018-03-06 |___/ 

"Teh olde webbé"
Today I found https://neocities.org/ and.. It's awesome :)
It's exactly what we need on the Internet, for people who can't or won't host
their own servers.. Everyone can have a website again! :D
So I registered there.. Check out my page... It's.. empty ;)
But it's there, because.. reasons.. https://dusted.neocities.org/

China stuff arrived

I got a couple of K-type thermocouples and some D1 mini clones.. The thermocouples came with MAX6675K digitizers, ready to go.. So I found the datasheet and wrote a little program to drive it.. Interestingly, they didn't really write how to convert the 16 bits, containing a 14 bit number.. I played around a bit and figured it out from a hint in the datasheet (that the resolution was 0.25c). So I figured that the 2 last signifigant bits must be for the fraction. This is what I came up with: int integerPart = 0xffff & ( data >> 2 ); int fractionPart = 3 & data; I just manually clocked the data out, because I didn't bother figure out how to use the SPI interface on the esp, but well, that could be done. My plan is to put the thermocouple on the flue pipe on my wood-boiler and measure the temperature of the exhaust smoke and do some measurements, to determine the characteristics of it, so that I can write a better controller. Right now, when starting the fire, I have to turn a dial to set the "min on" temperature for the flue extractor fan to start, then I need to wait until the heat has gone up enough that I can turn the dial into "operation" zone.. Only then, the boiler can be left alone, and it will turn off when the exhaust temperature becomes low enough. That's annoying because it means I can't leave within the first half hour or so.. It's also annoying becausem, if there is a hysteresis, it is way to small, and no matter the setting, the fan will turn on and off many times when wood runs low.. I want to determine this characteristic and use a hysteresis high enough that the fan only cycles a single time.