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                       |_|    ...2018-04-04 |___/ 


So, I decided to visit a friend tonight, but he was not home, so I decided to spend some time alone with my laptop.. The dead quiet of the middle-of-nowhere just appealed to me tonight, so I drowe out into it.. Finding a place that seemed to be at least a few hundred meters from other human life.. First, I then see a man on a bike, and then a police car.. I sit and watch some Neon Genesis Evangelion while eating a salad (trying to learn how to eat raw tomatos, disgusting things they are!).. Then the police car returns, shines the search light into the car, I wave at them.. They park next to my car, and I open the door to ask if there's a problem. There was not any immediate problem, but they asked what in the world I was doing sitting in the back of a car in the middle of nowhere.. Well, I can see how that can look suspicious, and apparantly, a nearby summer-house had been broken into, so they were just checking.. I had to hand over my drivers license (for ID) and explain ownership of the car.. I know this is just normal procedure, and they were polite and pleasant, but I still get the feeling that it could mean potential trouble.. I'm not a big believer in "the system" being competent to any reasonable degree, so I'm a bit worried about potentially having been registered as being near a crime scene.. What if someone gets something mixed up? Now, I do understand, that since I've done nothing wrong there should be nothing to worry about, but still, I am naturally inclined to imagine failure scenarios, it's kind of what I do.. See a thing, and then the (more or less) potential ways it could turn to utter disaster will unfold themselves before me. So.. Am I writing this to put proof out there of my innocence? Wouldn't the guilt do the same? Is writing this making me more of a suspect? Well.. Anyway, that's the reason I'd never become a criminal, I'm simply too paranoid about interacting with the system, no matter how professional and nice they are.. Even as I'm innocent I become scared..

In other news

Have a look at the Discworld MUD, it's the first MUD I've actually spent some real time playing, I'm not out of the newbie area yet, so I'm sure by some standards, I've not spent ANY time at all (like the 20.000 hours guy) but still, I've spent longer with it than any other, it's well written and with humour too.

Thoughts on simplicity

Sitting here, in the back of the car, with so few things compared to the many thousands of objects that I posses (or are possessing me?) there is a certain kind of calm.. The space is pleasant.. I wonder.. Objects.. They take time. I've always gathered objects, not exactly hoarded, but been quite fond of things.. Somewhere, in the back of my mind, I have a different view of the future, when presented with a new thing.. I am always thinking "well, if I end up having nothing to do, it'd be jut swell to spend some days getting this board up and running/ learning how to use this chip/restoring this old computer/making this project with that component/you name it", but, in the 32 years I've lived, I've not had that situation come to me, often I've been stressed trying to chose amongs my things, to try and use my precious time in the way that I would most want to.. It's difficult to say what one most wants to do.. This is ranting, I know.. I know this is not unique to me, I'm thinking about short-attention- span-culture.. Is it, that because we have so much to chose from, it becomes so much harder to really chose a thing to spend larger armounts of time on? Could it be, that because we have too many choices, we become unable to chose many of them because they are too costly (time-wise) ? Is that the reason why the 3-4 minute youtube video is more appealing than the 2 hour documentary? Is it why we generaly prefer to watch TV series instead of their movie counter- parts, or why we prefer watching a movie over reading the book (generally, I know many people do read books, myself included, but the sheer volume of books I consume fades quickly in contrast to the amount of TV show episodes or event he time I spend on these "small package" enterntainments). I know I'd not want to get rid of my stuff, and, at least for now, I'm not interested in ridding myself of it.. I'd, however, be willing to store it off-site, it'd be kind of neat I think.. A storage space, where I could go and check out ONE thing, and bring that home, and check it back into storage before taking out another thing.. It's kind of how it works at home, but still, the deciding is more difficult because everything is so readily avilable.. Basically, maybe it'd be easier to chose if it was harder to get to all things but one.. Then do that one thing until I get enough of it that I want to make the investment of checking it back into storage and taking out another thing.. Sort of like back when I had a small harddrive on my computer and I had room for either 2-3 smaller games OR 1 big game.. For example, I could install ActionQuake2, but that'd be it.. So I'd play that game for a long time before uninstalling it, then I could install Duke3D, Carmageddon and such and play those for a while.. - OUT