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Old tech as plot devices

If you're any sort of cultured, think back on past movies and stories, now, remove the parts of the story that wouldn't have to happen because People have cellphones The Internet does is there Traveling almost anywhere in the world is accessible and affordable DNA evidence is a thing Everyone has a high-resolution video camera in their pocket Military grade encryption is available to anyone

Even something like the game 007 for Nintendo 64 would have

some difficulties, "take photographs of documents" and "bug the phones", are already outdated, the documents would probably be encrypted and stored digitally, and the phones would be in the pockets of the targets, and they'd be difficult to bug unless you bring them into a lab (or, alternatively, you don't have to bug them because you can just issue a request to tap them at the service provider level, the infrastructure for that is there).

I'm kind of fearing that in the future

we will start to see more and more media working awkwardly around it, probably using maagic or senselessness "magnetic interference" or some crap like that.. or they will have inconsistencies, where, in THAT particular situation, the main character will totally ignore that he has a cellphone, or if it's out of battery, that he can charge it anywhere, or jsut borrow someone elses. Even worse, set the movies in the past, so we can have limits, but then they will be misused and misunderstood, like a rotary phone with DTMS or, this has already happened now that I think about it: digital video with bad connection glitching like analog video would.. I'm sure there will be more instances of this as the next generation of filmmakers and storytellers won't have any actual experiences with the technology they use as their plot devices.