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The lost information Technology

Such a provocative title, it may be about index cards, or paper notebooks. No, this is going to be about Personal Computers. Most people don't even have one anymore, of those who do, most are not using it as a computer, but as a platform for running a web-browser to show various SaaS solutions, such as anything google makes and facebook. (Yes, Facebook is a SaaS where you pay by watching advertisements and sharing your personal data).

There is a right way to use computers

Opinionated elitist zealot much? Yes. Your computer is your personal property. +The computer programs you run are your personal property. + Your files, on your local storage, not on the Internet. + Your file formats. + Your operating system.

What should die in fire?

Software that changes. Yes. One of the lovely things before the Internet became widespread and fast, was that software had to be done and error-free before physical media was produced. Yes, they didn't get it right every time, but they got it mostly right enough, especially before ISDN became a thing, because patching was almost prohibitively expensive. What's so lovely about this? That if I take my DOS floppies, and my Duke 3D CD, and install it on a computer, they still WORK! No strange incompatibilities crept in to a patch. But not only that, both those pieces of software still work EXACTLY THE SAME as the day they were bought, for better or for worse, but mostly better.

There is a lot to be said, and I realize that I actually can't express it all,

because, there's too much to be said, too much to be organized. I am sorry that I can't convince you all, but for some things, we need to go back a few steps and try to get it right.