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Why tags won't save us

Finding order in chaos,.. Infinity is chaos. As the amount of stuff increases, so does entropy. Dealing with entropy is the real issue. Let us design a library of information. There is an infinite floor, you enter it through the elevator that rises up through the floor in the middle. Now, take everything that has existed, exists and will exist and put it into the library, ad you're lost, your chance of finding any given piece of information is one to infinity. Sure, you WILL find information, but even if you know what to look for, the chance of finding the best match is one to infinity. This is a problem for the future, but we better start thinking about the solution.

Random poet?ry

Cast off sanity's shore, through ocean of doubt slowly sinking, sipping on ideas of grandeur like so much wine, poorly veiled despair bid cold darkness inside for the night. Such are things untold. Thoughts unplayed. Profanity. `And there we stood, my young friend, atop the world, kings for a mere moment as that beautiful cloud rose and washed away all sin and made the world pure.` `Not once did they look into each others souls again, afraid not to see the unpleasant truth, but to see nothing at all.` `A form it was, to be taken forever away into the cold winter and left to rot, no form as that could exist. Their sick minds begot it from wickedness alone, and now it cannot die, for it became eternal, became the very world.` `To infest so easily the innocent and yet pay no dividends, from that they can never die, but are doomed to live forever with their thoughts, alone.` `To see man, and not loathe, and not get sick and not get a knot in ones stomach, is to have lived past ones purpose and to have turned against it.` `For what purpose more pure, than to extend beyond ones means and die in vain?` `Alas they waited, it never happened again, and they grew old, and vanished, but not before planting another seed to grow up and suffer through the terrors of the world and be worn out either to conformity or bitter hatred.` `When nothing is enough, anything becomes superfluous.` `But should we not embrace what we have? He asked the devil, who pushed him back down into the world to live another day. Milton looked on, laughing.` `How do such bile spew from your mind so easily, you imbecile who does not even know who he is? Who cannot even remember his own self? How this? Is there no answer to your madness? Who did this to you? Who scarred you like that? Why did you do it? Did you main your own mind somehow? Did you torture yourself into insanity? Can you not remember? Is there nothing there? Are you scared yet? Yes, I am.`

And there they stood, the girl and the man, and they didn't know quite who was

who, or where they would go now, but they stood there anyhow, waiting for something to materialize, and as it did, they learned that they truly didn't know their purpose, and so they walked, into the forest together, to find a life among the trees, their friends. But that story, as it turned out, would never be told.

When the dust settled, they realized something was changed, they could never

go back, they could never become whole again, and nothing could be the same, and that made them utterly happy.