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That time I dropped some cash at McDonalds

Random story from around 2004. I was taking driving lessons at the time, and talked well with the driving instructor, he learned I was into computer stuff and we agreed that I'd build him a new computer, he'd pay the hardware cash, and I'd get some free lessons. Perfect deal, I got to play with hardware, and get free lessons. One day he gave me the money for the hardware, it was around 10.000 DKK, not an insignificant sum of money for 18 year old me (nor for 37 year old me, btw). To celebrate, I decided to go to McDonalds and have a cheeseburger (wild, I know), and as I stood in line, having just finished paying my order this kid poked on the back, and told me I'd dropped something, it was 3000 DKK!!! I was so happy to get the money back that I didn't have the capacity to be embarrassed, I was just thankful, and so I told him and his friends, please, order whatever you want, it's on me, as a thank you for being honest and helping me. I don't think they went wild, they just ordered whatever food they were probably going to anyway, and I paid. That was that story, that really restored some of my trust in humanity.