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Stuff from the world I like

Here's a random list of stuff from around the world that I really like and want to get whenever I can.

Kali / Kvass / Квас

This drink made traditionally from fermented bread and sweetened with raisins can be had in light or dark varieties and with more or no alcohol, taste-wise it's somewhere between beer and soft-drink, I think of it as Eastern European cola, and in a good way. I'll have this over any other soft drink any day. It's sparkling like soda pop, the darker varieties are much less sweet, and have a nice deep malty flavor. I can't obtain this in Denmark at the moment.


This not-too-unhealthy soft rice-cake is just a delightful snack if you're in the mood for something with a soft texture and sweet, but not overly so, flavor. This is sold in Asian speciality stores in Denmark. "Wasabi" peas Dried peas covered in a layer of spices, often horseradish, vinegar and mustard powder (real wasabi is expensive and has short shelf-life). These are a rather light snack, but with a strong, impactful flavor which is perfect for when you're in the mood for something not so sweet (though, as it's peas, there's still some sugars in there). These are sold at sushi places and Asian speciality stores in Denmark.

Seaweed chips

Acquired taste I guess, I don't like fresh seaweed, but I love these chips which are usually flavored with various spices and chili. Sold at Asian speciality stored in Denmark. Dried bread "Kuivatatud leib" in Estonian, this sounds way more boring than it is. They're dark drye bread slices that's been cut into chip-size sticks and fried or baked, they're often seasoned with garlic, onions or other spices and salted. Absolutely excellent snack, with the one annoyance that you tend to get sticky fingers from eating them, so they're not a great choice when you're typing. I can't easily get this in Denmark at the moment.