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                       |_|    ...2024-01-02 |___/ 

Happy y++;

I guess that needed to get out of the way before continuing to the reason I wanted to write this entry.

I bought new speakers a while back

I was pretty happy with my Eris E5, for what they were, they were good! But I was not totally satisfied, there was a slight difference between them and they didn't quite have the lows I want, which is reasonable for their size. So I bought some Genelecs, and because those are digital, I also bought the controller box with calibation microphone and a rather expensive "USB to digital XLR" sound... device.. and the 100 euro potmeter to control the volume.. I'm just a guy who enjoys listening to music, so this is pretty out-there, it's the kind of setup a lower-midrange studio might have. But I appreciate the simplicity. My computer pumps 96khz 24 bit PCM at 0dB into the USB device, and the USB device pumps 96khz 24 bit PCM over the XLR AES-EBU cable, directly into the DSP of the monitors, which apply the room-correction curve, adjust the volume before pushing it to the dac and into the amplifier to make sound. That means there's a minimum of conversion going on, and no analog loss except between the internal DAC and AMP in the Genelecs. It sounds very nice indeed. I probably can't hear the difference between the anaog xlr out of my scarlett and this setup, but I _know_ it's more correct and that accounts for something too.

So why did I buy it a while back ?

Because I heard a song from french singer "Pomme", that song was called "Sans Toi" and I had to listen to that song with something better.. It was so beautiful on the Eris E5, and in the DT990 250 Ohms.. But I had to get closer, and so I spend a few moths salary on some new speakers, I figured, going end-game would be better than slowly building up, it'd be cheaper in the end. Yeah, I'm heappy I did, no buyers remorse there.. Only.. Now I'm trying to convince myself that I don't need to invest in subs. I know I'll lose that battle eventually.. But for now, I'm good. Thanks, Pomme, for making me upgrade my audio setup.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vhr4FcFD6ko