The NuXT machine

This is just a silly project that I can't justify, but it is fun, having a "modern" IBM XT compatible machine to relive the earliest days of the IBM Personal Computer world.


It's quite easy to transfer files to and from the machine via a NULL modem cable and the COM1 port. I'm using a software package on DOS called Conex, which is a nice terminal emulator with zmodem support and a very easy to use UI. On my Linux PC, I use a USB-Serial adapter and run:

/sbin/agetty ttyUSB0 19200 linux
That gives me a login prompt and I can login to the computer and get a BASH shell as usual. The interesting thing is the commands "sz" and "rz" which lets me send files to the nuxt (sz) and receive files from it (rz) easily. Conex will automatically swithc to "file transfer mode" when sz sends the file.