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This is a website! My website! Interesting things can be found here!


Stuff I made, in no particular order... a bit of everyhing.

A slight bit about what this place is, who made it, and why.

My first C program on PC, also my first experiment with SDL and with OpenGL, barely a game, a bit of a space-invaders clone, thanks to http://mirror.amdmi3.ru/distfiles/ for keeping this long enough for me to want to download it!

Play Soldier of Fortune at any display Resolution
Custom resolution, fixes for audio, crashe and installation

Gaming on Linux
The games I play, and how.

Racing GPS Tracker
For generating video overlay for Action-Cam video.

Modding/Reparing/FPV cheap microquads.

Ultimate 64
FPGA based C64 implementation, my current system.

Commodore 64
My C64 has a 10 GiB harddisk, a CD-ROM drive and a 10 Mbit Ethernet.

Reaction Timer
Building and driving custom 7 segment LED display integrated in 3D printed case.

My Computers
I like computers.

Olivetti M6 460 suprema
A retro/learning experience.

Easy Music Player
An RFID card controlled easy-to-use music-player for the elderly.

A short "game", not-very-serious entry into the LudumDare (LD25) competition.

Another short "game" entry into the LudumDare (LD26) competition.

Yet another short "game", not-very-serious entry into the LudumDare (LD28) competition.

Yet yet another game thingy for LudumDare (LD38) competition, this one is actually fun.

Excessive Overkill
The lackluster "game engine" I made.

MIDI on Windows
How to listen to MIDI music on a new computer.

BigBox scans
Scans of PC games from back when they came in glorious big cardboard boxes.

Something about music and what I like.

Random rants and pocket philosophy, I'm an opinionated bastard.

Games and media I am currently wanting to consume.

Primitive map (discovery) tool for the Ultima 1 game.

Other stuff I made

Things I felt needed their own website.

Some of the code I've written, you can browse and clone the projects.

The FinalKey
I made this open-source, encrypted hardware password manager, it's pretty neat. Have a look if you care the least about security and convenience.

Pretty difficult puzzle game inspired by the classic Puzznic, with in-game level editor, available for many platforms.

Likely still one of the best breakout games for Linux, also the first real game I made.

Old Skool Gravity Game (OSGG)
A difficult lander-like game with many levels and in-game level editor.

my blog, actually updated often!

A collection of writings, some sci-fi short stories and some crap I've written as well.

Random weird pictures from the Internet
I collect pictures, I'm one of those people who will save the images they find fun or interesting when browsing the Internet.

My profiles

I participate in Internet communities just like everyone else, here are my profile pages on some of the other sites I frequent.

DeviantArt profile
Pictures and things I've made.

Acrylics I've painted.

GitHub profile
Git is really cool, but MS is not, so I'm going to host my project myself in the future.

Twitch.tv channel
Me streaming DOS games and making a fool of myself. Streams are removed after they're done.

Youtube channel
Back in the day, people had to download MPGs and play them in a separate application, it worked just fine, but I think youtube is easier for everyone.

Twitter profile (@DusteDdk)
Mostly for airport philosophy sessions.

Because that's a thing.


Kind of stuff that I didn't make, but am collecting here, things that need some place to live.

Old Software
I like old computers and running software on them.

My collection of interesting places on the World Wide Web.

My mirror of TempleOS.org