A LudumDare entry from 2012 that I made with my home-grown hacked-together incomplete "game engine" (excessiveOverkill), the theme was "You are the enemy", so this is basically missile-command in reverse, you control 3 laz0r satellites and have to destroy all the cities.

This is not a very good game, but I didn't spend more than about 10 hours making everything so I think it's okay. It's still the best 3D goat I've ever made ;)


Linux/Windows: 16.33 MiB (SHA256:dbd812124a797ab8a536877d72bb22a2aa5693703bf8ff65daac9671c48caff1)


Objective: Shoot the cities by controlling the satellites.

Controls: Mouse/mouse buttons.
f1 - engine console


The console The menu The instructions The gameplay The goal..... goat