Some Honda CB750F Stuff

This is the bike I currently drive the most, it's some bastard that I don't know too much about, it's registered in 1985, seems to be close to a 1981 model or previous, with some mods I don't know anything about.

This page serves as a resource for myself to look up stuff about the bike when I need it.

Things to remember

Tire pressure: 2.25 bar (32.6 PSI) front / rear. 2.8 (40.6 PSI) rear with passenger.

Oil: 10w40

Blinker relay: 2 pole type, accepts 3 pole type that takes +/- and load (use green wire for -, black for + and grey for load)

Currently using 21w eqv. LED blinker bulbs. 15 A fuse for blinker/horn.

High-ish quality wire diagram that's close to right. (Differences: mine has parking light in headlamp, mine has more fuses than 3. mine has no blinker buzzer)

1981 Honda CB750F Owners Manual (images, 4 MiB)