About me

Having a personal website is such a 90's thing, which suits me just fine, being born in the mid 80's, 90's stuff is intrinsically cool to me. Being self-absorbed, narcissistic and vain also helps.

That said, it can come as no surprise to anybody that I love to read my own words, and I find almost everything I do exceedingly interesting, otherwise, I wouldn't do it.

I've made several websites over the years, trying to keep up with whatever the popular fashion was, always ending up dissatisfied with the result after some time.

The very first website I made, was HTML, lots of images, and lots of.. markup. The next ones I made were PHP with CMS like qualities. Now I'm going back to basics, I think. I don't know if that is a popular thing to do, but I've rethought what I want a website to be. We now have a word to distinguish websites from "those other things" which are called "Web Apps". Websites are linked documents of content, they're documents that link to each other, nothing more. I don't want this website to be beautiful, I want it to be raw. I want it to be about information. About what I want to say and show.

I'm a 30 year old computer geek. I work as a programmer, I read books, I play computer games and hang out with interesting people. I attempt to create.

Sometimes I stream old DOS games on twitch.tv, but I'm not very good at it. I'm a big fan of cyberpunk and hard science fiction. I'm waiting impatiently for the singularity.

I think computers were cooler back in the day. I want to write that I'm an atheist, programmer, writer, philosopher, artist, poet, scientist and inventor, so I do, but it's probably not more true for me than for everyone else, and I'm not sure if I like labels anyway, so it is ironic how much I like to put them, both on others and myself.

I suffer from "bitter old man syndrome" or, as I'd like to call it, "clarity". I'm biased, and I know it. Things I know well and understand are better than things that I personally do not know well or understand. I like to think I'm both deeply introspective and reflective and I've heard nothing opposing that from my surroundings.

I grew up when the Internet was young and nobody really knew what it was going to become, and my ideas about what it is, and especially, what it should be, stems from early 90's propaganda. It's not that I don't know any better, it's just that, I like those ideas better. I like computers and information. I like the idea, that everyone connects to this global computer network and share information and resources. Nobody ever needed a web-hotel or "hosting" less than today. Everyone can setup their very own servers, in their homes, on their workstations or their old computers, and it is something I encourage everyone to do. The Internet is not just facebook and google, it is also you and me!

What a mess!

Yes. I'm not very organized. I find it difficult to categorize things. Say I'd want a "games" section on this website, well, it'd leave my blog in a weird position, it's not a game, and it's not strictly about games, and what about things that are both games and other things, most games are programs, not all, but most, but far from all programs are games. It'd leave FinalKey alone in another category, and I'd start subdividing endlessly, until everything is put into a category, or more likely a subcategory, and before long, I'd have more metadata than data. I'd have every single thing in a single box, in a single box in a single box. It's just not for me, at least, I've not yet found a good way of doing it, so, everything goes in a big box.