Unidentified cartridge

I don't remember when this entered my collection, but I never plugged it into a machine before, out of fear of destroying the machine.. Today I plugged it in, and also dumped the ROMs.

Top side, 3 EPROMs, I wonder what the wire is for..

It has a collection of nice tools, including Azimuth adjustment, Turbo Tape, ABC Turbo, some disk speeder, machine code monitor, and more. Oh, but first, the hardware..

Top side, removed EPROMs for dumping. Fancy sockets.

Bottom side, nothing special going on here.

Dumping the EEPROMs

I used my XGecu TL866 II+ to dump the roms, I had to remove a bit of the paper to see what they were.

From left to right they are:

  1. Marked "F" (Not Fairchild, but Fujitsu I believe) MBM2764-20 (8628 I29 AB), a 64 kbit (8k x 8 bit).. 8 KiB EPROM.
  2. Marked SGS (STMicroelectronics) M27256 (FI 88706S), a 256 kbit (32k x 8 bits).. a 32 KiB EPROM.
  3. Same as second chip.
Here is the ROMs: 72krombanksystemroms.tar.bz2 (42KiB)


These are the pictures I took of the main menu, the software seeems pretty standard stuff, not especially related to this cartridge. Interesting to note was that the menu is in Danish, and the azimuthI adjustment software uses the Danish letters. I wonder if this cartridge was sold with two empty slots and the the user provides the two "payload" roms, and the manufacturer provides the PCB + the menu software and, I suppose, some software to generate the images for the two roms? I'm speculating though, but I've seen another cart for sale simply labelled "72K ROM BANKING SYSTEM" which had entirely different software on it, but a similar menu (that one was blue though, I think).

And that's about what I have to say about this.. If you have additional information, please do tell me about it!