Commodore 64 stuff

Some people just can't let go, my first computer was the C64, and I'm one of those people.

Max Fake 64
My home built C64 from as few original Commodore components as possible

C64 Programming
"ongoing" blog on learning assembly programming

IDE64 and ETH64
My C64 with IDE Harddisk, CD-ROM drive and Ethernet card

My Ultimate-64, a modern FPGA implementation of a Commodore64 that can use some original peripherals

A weird-looking, but rather convenient cartridge that I found

Useful PC tools

DirMaster by STYLE
Very useful utility for working with disk images of various formats. Windows program, works on WINE.
- ( unofficially archived on 2022-02-24)

WAV-PRG by Fabrizio Gennari
Convert PRG and T64 files to TAP (both normal/slow and turbo-tape with embedded loader) and the other way around, very useful when working with tapes. Windows program, works on WINE.
- ( unofficially archived on 2022-02-24).

PSID64by rolandh
Convert SID files to a C64 executable PRG file. So you can load, run and listen to your SIDs on a real C64.
- (psid64.exe unofficially archived o 2022-02-27)