A LudumDare entry for LD38 2017 with really tight controls, that I made in a few hours in C++ and SDL2, on a.. windows laptop, not how I'm used to work, it was pain. I'm pretty happy with how this turned out, considering the time I spent (I think I've played it for more time than I spent programming it). It's meant to be silly, I think LD is a great idea, and I want to participate, but I don't have high ambitions. Also, I'm kind of pissed that I can't recover the old user account, so I had to make a new one for this.

Download (Windows, Linux and Source)

Same contents, different package format, pick your favorite
bounceball-ld38.7z 1.5 MiB (SHA256:a12c070d94d178d2ab63732ef3913e12b432867572c4cfefde1efad650da5e09) 2.0 MiB (SHA256:694de51a79f20f8893323badb37b9fa9a0766fccd52337528823af75f4acb422)
bounceball-ld38.tar.bz2 2.1 MiB (SHA256:199680ce27da1a485b0dc3bbe81cd89f6bb3de01d45cce6c387280636e6014a5)
bounceball-ld38.tar.xz 1.6 MiB (SHA256:282bf6bcce90bc300024846554dd159793b69a6c2147fc0c5eb3424d108c64ec)


Objective: Don't die

Controls:Arrow keys or W,A,S,D.
ESC or Q - exit


I know it's hard, but don't judge a screenshot on its game (or something), what score did you reach? :)
Looks easier than it is Powerups and stuff