About these

A collection to other websites, the good parts of The World Wide Web.

The Somewhat Useful Links

The GrymoireUnix/Security trovehttps://www.grymoire.com/
Open Directory ProjectCollection of linkshttp://odp.org/
QDB: Quote DatabaseQuotes from IRC chatshttp://bash.org/
FreenodeNice IRC chat network you should hang onhttps://freenode.net/
MozillaReally good, free, open-source web browser and e-mail clienthttps://www.mozilla.org/
Hacker NewsMost excellent news sitehttps://news.ycombinator.com/
Retro ArchiveOlden stuffs aboundhttp://www.retroarchive.org/

The Somewhat Less Useful Links

PoolsideStrange retro apple inspired musical experiencehttps://poolside.fm/
Cheepskate's GuideStuff about computers and Internet, very well writtenhttps://cheapskatesguide.org/